Why you need a fitness tracker!


Why you need a fitness tracker!

With us living longer and technology developing, the world around us is becoming smarter.

Keeping fit and healthy is the latest craze and so it should be. With famous chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Joe Wicks and Tom Kerridge promoting healthy food recipes, the UK can’t resist jumping on board.


In less than 18 months, Lean in 15 – the first of three books based on 15-second videos on the fitness guru’s Instagram account – notched up sales of more than 1m copies. This year, Wicks beat previous records for sales in the first week of any year after 111,830 copies of Lean in 15 were snapped up.



Eating healthy and keeping fit is the best way to drop the pounds. By owning and using a fitness tracker you are able to monitor your progress and keep you motivated to do more.  

We have 9 adults and 2 children's fitness trackers available which all have different functions.


Our best-selling fitness tracker – VeryFit HR10+ Fitness Tracker - £19.99

Available in black, green, blue, orange and Purple, the HR10+ smart band helps you monitor physical indicators like sleep quality, steps and heart rate. With a battery life of 7 to 10 days this fantastic smart band not only measures your fitness but links to your Apple or Android phones through an app. Keeping you on top of your phone notifications, it sends you messages, Facebook and Twitter updates and an alarm can be set to any time in the day for any reminders you need.




VeryFit A1-HRGSM+ Bluetooth Smart Watch - £19.99

The A1+HRGSM+ bluetooth smart watch is our most advance fitness tracker. Not only can the A1-HRGSM track steps, sleep and distance, by inserting a micro sim card your able to make phone calls, send messages, take pictures, keep track of your calendar, take photos, play music, listen to the radio and much more. If your gadget crazy then this watch is for you.




VeryFit V-Fit Fitness Tracker - £7.99

Digital LCD pedometer is able to track steps, running, distance and calorie count. The V-Fit is highly popular if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the KHR-8.0. Available in Turquoise, Purple, Pink and yellow.



VeryFit X7 Bluetooth Sports Smart Bracelet - £9.99

Recording steps, distance, calories and the quality of sleep, the X7 is very suitable for those looking for a more basic smartwatch. Available in dark blue, pink, orange, light blue and black this smart band is compatible with both Android and Apple phones.




VeryFit Next Gen’ TW64s Bluetooth Sports Activity - £14.99

Working as a pedometer, sleep monitor, call reminder, clock and much more this Next Gen sports watch is perfect if you’re looking for one of our more basic fitness trackers.



VeryFit Q754 Bluetooth Smart Watch - £14.99

One of our smart fitness trackers, the Q754 calorie counts, tracks walking, running, distance and sleep. The smartwatch comes with a remote control to use alongside your mobile phone to control your phone camera, play music and sends you call and text alerts. Compatible with both Android and Apple.



VeryFit Lunar Bluetooth Smartwatch - £14.99

Monitoring steps, calories, distance and storing the sports data to adjust your exercise program and help you live a healthier life, the Lunar is a fantastic watch to help you keep track of your progress.



VeryFit Pedometer Watch - £7.99

A large selection of colours available with the VeryFit pedometer, black, blue, orange, green and yellow. This watch tells the time, counts steps, distance travelled (km) and calories burnt. With a removable strap, the VeryFit pedometer is easy to clean and ideal for staying on track.



VeryFit 115-Elite Tracker - £24.99

The 115-Elite is perfect to monitor steps, calories burnt, distance, sleep and progress. Also included, sleep monitoring, message alerts, remote camera control and activity data sharing. So why not buy 2, one for you and one for a friend.



VeryFit X-Band Next Generations Children’s Fitness Watch - £9.99

Perfect to get the kids enthusiastic about keeping fit. The X-band is our most popular children’s fitness watch. Capturing movement, distance and the temperature of surrounding area,

silent alarm, time and date. This will help to keep the kids on track to leading a healthier lifestyle.



VeryFit 3D Kids Smart Watch - £9.99

Available in 5 colours, black, blue, green, red and white the VeryFit 3D for children is perfect to get your little ones interested in making a move and tracking their fitness. Built-in 3D acceleration sensor with high sensitivity so it can catch each small action, this makes the perfect smartwatch for any child.



Why not take a look at the VeryFit range on our website and choose one to suit your needs. If you have any questions please feel free to email us.


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