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Inflatable Cushion Air Chair

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Suitable for outdoor travel.
A perfect companion anywhere, anytime.
It is very comfortable to sleep.
Can be folded to be a very small size, easy to store and carry. 

Material: PVC
Colour: hot pink, navy, grey
Size: 150x38x46cm 

Relieves tightness of legs and lower feet - improves circulation and reduces swelling by lifting legs. Can help relieve back pain by sitting for a long time to be the cushion of your child during the trip. It can allow children to lie down, turn around or sleep on their side, to make children sleep better. 

PVC Flocking Fabric - no unpleasant smell, washable, healthy and hygienic. The foot cushion is pleasant to the touch and comfortable. 
Easy to carry - can be compressed to a small size and takes up less space. It has excellent leg support and is very comfortable to use at home or while travelling. 
The inflatable pillow for footrest will be perfect for long trips. 

Package Included: 1 x Airbag