Aphrodite Scented Drawer Freshener 6 Pack

Happah Home

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    This scent is so welcoming, described as a light unisex musk
    • Top notes: Bergamot, lemon, basil, black pepper
    • Middle notes: Woody, fern, hint of leather
    • Base notes: Amber, vanilla, Moss 

    Safe, flameless scent and very versatile use all around the house.

    This item would fit perfectly into your cleaning Narnia, as you get 6 whole stones, to use in so many different areas! 

    Clothes drawers, Car doors, Pockets of bags, Coat pockets, Beauty room drawers, Makeup bag, Coat cupboard, By front door, In fake flower pots, Window sills, Airing cupboard, Desk at work or home, School bags, On radiator cabinets, Fireplaces, Bedside table, Kitchen cupboards, Inside shoes