Bed Restraint System


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  • Our over the Door Sex Swing enables you to enjoy upright intimate pleasure without needing the skills of a contortionist. Support your lover's legs easily and embark on the thrill of stand up sex as you take foreplay and sex to a new level.

    • RESTRAINED: Bed restraint will keep your partner constrained and ready
    • ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable to fit most beds (Will not fit a California King bed)
    • QUALITY: High-Quality Nylon straps with hook and loop closures will keep your partner exactly where you leave them.
    • DESIGN: Ideally suited for a double bed, you can fasten the hands and feet individually, letting you enjoy multiple positions
    • Restraint Straps quickly fit beneath mattress or frame without hooks.
    • MATERIAL: Comfortable nylon cuffs. You can enjoy passion and sex with your lover.

    Package Content: 1 * Black Under Bed Bondage Kit