'The Weekender' Bondage Kit


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Bondage Kit with 10 Items Comprising Of - Material Wrist and Ankle Cuffs, Vented Ball Gag, Black Feather Teaser, Elasticated Eye-Mask, Play Faux Leather Flogger, Paddle.

The 10 Piece Bondage Kit includes; 

- 'SSShhh' Ball Gag

- Little Miss Tickle Stick

- Leather Eyemask

- Standard Whip

- Nipple Clips with bells

- Hog Tie Restraint

- Ankle Restraint

- Handcuff restraint

- Leash and Collar

- 5 Metre Rope

Made from High-quality materials such as; leather and plush, exquisite materials, choose high-quality leather, fine workmanship, and overall perfection.

Product process: The product is durable and beautiful in appearance. It adopts advanced production technology and strict processing technology control to ensure quality, comfortable and durable, firm and not easy to fall off, and bring all-round care. This will bring you more fun with your partner.

User-friendly design: non-slip surface fixed to the floor to prevent injuries-with the integrated strap, we use durable yoga mats to provide support and balance, and use our products to deepen your stretch for better stretch degree

Ingenious design: unique design brings you luxurious experience, ergonomic adjustable handcuffs, suitable for body, soft and comfortable design will not damage the skin. No friction or wear, release your imagination and see where it takes you. Enhance the intimacy of the couple in bed. It will bring you and your lover the most exciting gaming experience.