Chastity Belt Harness with Padlock

Chastity Belt Harness with Padlock


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Lose control over your pleasure with the Room of Doom's faux leather chastity shorts. The shorts have an adjustable waist and leg straps which can be padlocked into place to ensure that you remain on your best behaviour. Made from soft faux leather, this high-quality chastity device has the perfect look for your bondage play. Submit to your dominant playmate as they secure the adjustable belt and determine just how long you have to remain strapped in for.

Material: Leather

Colour: Black

Waist size: length: 117cm     Adjustable: 98-105cm

Crotch size: length: 82cm     Adjustable: 53-68cm

Leg bondage size: length: 60cm    Adjustable: 36-57cm

Leather chain underwear, the thrill of being bound