Chastity Cage with Lock

Chastity Cage with Lock


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Made of health plastic material that is comfort, Hypoallergenic, portable and skin-friendly to use.

Put your man on lock down with this Chastity Penis Cage! With a unique hollow out mesh and animal cage will allow your man to pee without having to take off the cage.

The long penis cage with hollow out mesh is designed for comforting as well as protecting your penis because it's breathable. Meanwhile, part of your penis is be seen, part of it be hidden, making you look more sexy, exciting her or his sexual feeling, inspiring she or he to explore the sexy you. It is a full smooth finish, without any leftover, there is no escape once locked into place.

About the product: Made of medical grade plastic material Comfort, Hypoallergenic, portable and comfortable to use There is a hole portion using for urination. 

Material: Hard plastic

Colour: Clear

Cage size: inner diameter is about 33mm

Total length: 108mm, height: 78mm

Product Features: Prevent masturbation, prevent derailment 

Comfortable, non-toxic/ Comfortable & Perfect Quality

The cage portion is vented for hygiene and has a bottom opening allowing use at urinals

Comfortable, Hypoallergenic and durable. Easy cleaning with body wash