Scented Heart Fragrance Diffuser

Scented Heart Fragrance Diffuser

Happah Home

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With these diffusers you receive 85ml of scent, to bring you months of fragrant delight as the heart draws the beautiful fragrance from the glass vessel, into the marbled structure, even making the added colour slightly more vibrant!

Top notes: Bergamot, lemon, basil, black pepper
Middle notes: Woody, fern, a hint of leather
Base notes: Amber, vanilla, Moss

Black Iris
Top notes: Mandarin, sweet orange, fresh spices and pepper
Middle notes: Floral heart of black iris and geranium
Base notes: Jasmine and honeysuckle and sandalwood

Sea Lily
Elegance and sweetness of Lily of the Valley is the central heart, with notes of Water Lily and Geranium.

Safe, flameless scent and very versatile use all around the house!
For example, on top of cupboards, vanity’s, window sills, desks at work or home, on radiator cabinets, fireplaces, bedside table, by the front door.