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VHS 2 DVD Converter with Software


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Capture live video directly to your computers hard drive with this amazing USB video capture device. Turn your computer into a DVR for recording AV input from multiple video devices with this one simple product!

Same Performance- New Price!
The K81 does not come with the physical “photo capture” button found on the K66. This is the perfect solution for people who don't need the photo capture button but still want the same features as our best USB capture devices, and at the same time, would like to save some money too!

Record Anything and Everything
This easy to use USB video capture device takes streaming video from sources such as TVs, DVD players, camcorders, VHS players, and video game systems, and captures them digitally to your computers hard drive for easy file transferring and quick video playback. This is the perfect way to record your favourite TV programs, create videos for YouTube, or simply a great way to get rid of those old VHS and camcorder tapes that are collecting dust in your living room.

Its Time to Go Digital
Why would you want to digitize old VHS and camcorder tapes? Let's face it, analogue tapes take up space, are inconvenient to watch, and have a limited shelf life. Why not protect your beautiful memories and make watching videos fun and convenient by going digital? The included video editing software makes it easy to select only the scenes that you want to save and converts them to user-friendly computer files. You can even use the software to edit and improve the image quality of your existing videos!

Send to YouTube, iPod, PSP and More!
With the K81 you can capture video from any device with an A/V or S-Video OUT port and can convert your video to the following formats: DVD, SVCD, VCD, MP4, AVI, PSP, MOV, DIVX. This allows you to easily load your videos to YouTube, MP3, and MP4 players, PSP, iPod, or your online web-page. With the K81 can even copy your entire DVD collection with ease! Simply attach one end of the K81 to your DVD player's AV OUT port, attach the other end to your computer's USB port, press "RECORD" and that's it! Copying DVDs has never been so easy!

Capture live video and play it back whenever you like, add subtitle text or movie captions, increase the video quality of your old tapes, create a video for your cell phone or iPod, with the K81 you can do all of this and much more from the convenience of your home! Order the K81 now while this product is in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

At a Glance...
Easy setup and operation
Record TV shows and movies
Record video to HDD like TIVO
For sports fans, movie buffs, gamers
Includes everything you need to get started
Save video to the most popular file formats
Improve the quality of your old VHS or camcorder tape collection

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