Makeup Brush Silicone Cleaning Mat

Makeup Brush Silicone Cleaning Mat

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Dirty brushes contain bacteria that can cause breakouts, and clean brushes give a better finish. This silicone brush washing mat is an essential care product for your brushes and your delicate skin. This brush mat is durable and made specifically for your needs.

When your brush pad needs cleaning just put it in the dishwasher.  It's dishwasher safe!

Cosmetic Cleaning Pads Kit is made of eco-friendly silicone, non-toxic.

Size: 6" L x 4.6" W / 15.7cm x 11.7cm.

This super practical silicone brush cleaner will quickly become indispensable for every makeup enthusiast and painter.

How to use your brush cleaner:

How to use?
1. Make sure your sink is dry and then press on the suction cups to hold your brush cleaner to the sink. 
2. Get the bristles of the makeup brush wet with warm water. 
3. Put your soap on the makeup brush. 
4. gently rub it in a circular motion in the section that fits the brush you are cleaning. 7 kinds of textures design, suitable for thorough cleaning of various facial and eye makeup brushes etc. keep those daily-use makeup brushes clean!
5. Rinse with water until water runs clear. 
6. Let the brush and brush cleaner mat dry in an open space.