Spreader Bar - Foot and Handcuff Restraints

Spreader Bar - Foot and Handcuff Restraints

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Welcome your lover with open legs and arms in this forcibly submissive set. A kinky pair of spreader bars will put you or your partner in the right position for pleasure every time. With neoprene cuffs and steel bars, this is one kinky bedroom bondage kit.
Experience absolute submission with this full-bodyspreader kit. Two tubular steel bars and fourneoprene handcuffs force you into vulnerable poses that only your lovercan release you from.
Attach the adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs and your lover's legs and arms will be prized open until you've had your fun. Perfect for trying new positions and scenarios that you've never dared to before, and all with ease thanks to the swivel-mounted cuffs which allow for a little movement while restrained.
The connecting nylon support strap can be removed, giving you unlimited possibilities for new and exciting happens in the bedroom. They'll squirm and they'll squeal, but they won't be getting out.
The neoprene cuffs fasten with velcro and will fit wrists of any size. Soft and comfortable, they ensure that no matter how much pressure is exerted, they won't injure the wrist. Each cuff has a pivoting clip that rotates 360 degrees attached to them. They can be clipped together, to the bars and to other bondage equipment too.

  • This bondage set includes:
  • 1 piece x Long spreader bar - 50cm
  • 1 piece x Short spreader bar - 30cm
  • 1 pair x Handcuffs - 37 x 6.5cm (adjustable)
  • 1 pair x Ankle cuffs - 43 x 6.5cm(adjustable)
  • 1 piece x Collar - 60 x 6cm(adjustable)