The Room Of Doom -  2 Bead Anal Hook

The Room Of Doom - 2 Bead Anal Hook


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Extreme anal hook for satisfying your sadistic streak Made from stainless steel, the double-ball design stimulates your subs P-spot Forces the wearer to remain in a limited number of positions, perfect for posture training Use the loop at the base to introduce rope bondage for more intense restraint Complete your dungeon with the Room Of Doom Stainless Steel Double Ball Anal Hook. For extreme bondage, this brutal hook will satisfy your sadistic demands. Use a high-quality, thick lube for smoother, slower insertions and force your slave to remain in a limited number of positions. Perfect for posture training, your sub wont be going anywhere as theyre left with this stainless steel hook in their anus. With two balls for intensified pleasure, their P-spot will be rubbed and massaged. However, the more they wriggle, the deeper the hook will go. Create new scenarios as you attach bondage rope to the loop at the base. Connect it to collars, other restraints and even your subs hair as you really test their limits.