The Room Of Doom's - 3 Jewelled Butt Plugs - Ruby Red - Monogatari Water Based Lube


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Don't hide it - Decorate it!! Celebrate everything anal with the 'Room Of Doom's' fabulous set of 3 Jewelled Butt Plugs. Each stainless steel plug has the perfect taper to ensure easy insertion and a flared base to ensure that it stays in place. Experiment with temperature play using hot water and ice, going up a size is rather nice. The jewel is the 'cherry on the cake', so show of your sparkle!!! * Small 2.5 inches long x 1 inch - Weight 55 grams * Medium 3 inches long and 1.25 inches - Weight 95 grams * Large 3.5 inches long x 1.75 inches - Weight 160 grams * Ruby Red Jewel * Sensitive-skin friendly and safe to use with all lubricants MONOGATARI-SEXUAL LUBRICANT - SENSITIVE A long lasting, super silky sexual lubricant which is hypo-allergenic, clear and scent free - perfect for sensitive skin.? The water based, non toxic formula is designed to provide long lasting lubrication with its unique non greasy formula.? Compatible with condoms.