The Room Of Doom's Adjustable Butt Plug Harness and Chastity Belt


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The Room Of Doom's 'Chastity Belt with Butt Plug Harness'

Show your devotion to your Dom with The Room Of Doom's Faux Leather Chastity Belt and Butt Plug Harness.  Chastity meets anal play with this two-in-one harness. As the butt plug sits inside you, be left frustrated as you’re unable to have the release you desperately crave. 

Made from faux leather, the straps can easily be adjusted for the perfect fit.  Demonstrate just how submissive you can be as you surrender control over your sexual pleasure and prove your devotion.

•    Chastity belt with a butt plug for constant arousal during wear 

•    Leaves you unable to climax as the adjustable straps provide a close fit

•    Made from faux leather for a high-quality look and feel

•    Adjustable thong and waist strap