The Room Of Doom's Double Ball Anal Hook

The Room Of Doom's Double Ball Anal Hook


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Sadistically stimulating and brilliantly brutal, this anal hook is perfect for extreme bondage.

Made from durable stainless steel with a 2 balls for P-spot massage and a pleasurable insertion. Ideal for posture training, the hook restricts the wearer to a limited number of positions. Create more intense bondage scenarios as you attach ropes to the loop at the base Send a shiver up your slave's spine with the The Room Of Doom's Double Ball Anal Hook. Combining adventurous anal play with brilliantly brutal bondage, give the hook a generous coating of thick lube before slowing inserting it. Once in place, the solid balls rub and massages the prostate for sadistic stimulation. The more your submissive wriggles, the deeper the hook goes. Forcing them into a limited number of positions, anal hooks are incredible for posture training.

Intensify your play as you introduce ropes, using the loop at the end of the handle to create more complicated and intricate bondage scenarios.

Material: Metal

Colour: Silver

Bead size: 30mm

Length: 250mm