The Room of Doom's - Lord Of The Rings


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Make sure you are the 'Lord of the Rings' by locking your sub into this lockable chastity cage.

Manufactured from silky smooth stainless steel, this ring design cage incorporates a removable 6cm penis plug for the ultimate pleasure/pain combination. Be completely confined as the stainless steel device cages your cock Detachable base ring with a diameter of 2 inches Secure the cage in place with the padlock and hand the key to your 'Dom' This extreme cock cage locks around your flaccid penis, preventing you from getting an erection or enjoying sexual release. As youre left frustrated and aroused, introduce the 6cm penis plug for intense, painfully pleasurable stimulation down the centre of your shaft. With a spiral design for ventilation and a through-hole down the penis plug, this cage is perfect for extended wear.