The Room Of Doom's 'Master'  Half Sleeve  Arm Bindings

The Room Of Doom's 'Master' Half Sleeve Arm Bindings


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The Room of Doom's 'Master Arm Bindings' secure your partners arms together behind their back to fully restrain them for your amusement!

This half sleeve is a unique piece of bondage gear that effectively takes your scene to the next level. Slip your playthings arms into the sleek, attractive sleeve, secure the laces, and adjust both straps to a tightness that will keep them trapped, but comfortable... If that is your desire! Locking buckles allow you to further their plight and ensure that there is no hope for escape.  Have your way with that vulnerable body while they squirm in pain and pleasure!  

* Soft Faux Leather

* Lockable Straps

* 8.5 inches in length

* 2 Padlocks included