The Room of Doom's Necklace, Nipple and Labial Clamps


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Multi-way painful pleasure is yours with the 'Room of Doom's Nipple and Labia Clamps'.

Featuring 4 extra wide clamps linked via heavy-duty chains, this BDSM toy is best suited to advanced users for intense and satisfying pinches in your most intimate regions.  Blindfold your partner so the sound of the chains heightens the anticipation of what is about to happen.  Tease your partner by dragging the chains slowly over their most intimate areas.  Gentle tugging on the chains provides an intense, erotic pleasure that is a perfect example of the pleasure pain phenomenon.

Each clamp features screw-pin adjusters, making it supremely easy to alter the intensity of your play. Two clamps connect to either side of the labia while another two attach to the nipples for all-over body restraint and sensation. Please note that all clamps are of equal size.

* 4 Adjustable clamps

* Heavy duty chain

* Hypo-allergenic metal