The Room Of Doom's 'Out of Control' Wand Harness


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Increase the temperature in the room and let your Dom dress you in The Room Of Doom's 'Out of Control' Wand Harness.

Strap yourself into this high-quality, adjustable faux leather harness to explore the thrilling excitement of a hands-free wand harness.

Made from durable leather and steel, it adjusts and is compatible with wands for tailored pleasure and restraint.

To top it all off, this heavy-duty harness features a sturdy ring, so although you may have had your hands free doesn't mean they can be tied up, you'll find this enhances for all sorts of play.

The double-width waistband ensures a comfortable fit and the additional side rings mean you can be cuffed or shackled.

Is it possible to have too much of a good thing??